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Three Rivers Race 2018


It's a huge undertaking for the club and we really appreciate the good feeling and praise we receive both on and off the water, the spirit of the sport really makes the effort worthwhile. 

Thank you for your patience whilst we reviewed the results from the Three Rivers Race. We now believe these results to be correct.

Can the following please be noted by all with regards to our Three Rivers Race:
Please remember that even if a gig crosses the line behind you, if they started in a later heat than you, it is still possible for them to post a faster time.

Heat 1 – Gig 1 – 01:00:00 (no time adjustments due to first heat)
Heat 2 – Gig 2 – 01:03:00 – 00:09:00 (heat adjustment) = 00:54:00

Note: Gig 2 hasn’t passed Gig 1 before the finish line, but posted a faster time over the 6 mile course due to their Heat adjustment. All boats are timed from 1 central timer. The start time of the individual heats is recorded from that timer, and the time differences are adjusted to each boat at the end of the race, according to their heat. This is a timed event and 10th over the line for example, does not make you 10th overall. We time the event in order to try and give clubs overall results but unfortunately there is always the risk of human error.

Caradon Committee will be having a wash-up meeting to discuss how we can improve the event in future years. We can only apologise to any crew/club who feel aggrieved with regards to their final finish time but we hope that the majority of the crews and clubs enjoyed the days racing.

Thank you for your support and attendance.

Yours faithfully
Caradon Pilot Gig Club