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Cornish Pilot Gig Rowing Club based in Saltash, Cornwall, UK



Training takes place on the on the rivers Tamar and Lynher in the outstandingly beautiful valleys. 

Every year after the rigors of the World Championships are behind us, the ladies and men’s crews host separate race nights where the ladies and men of each crew mix together to form three or four equal crews which race against each other.  Trophies are presented to the winning crews at the End of Season Party which is usually hosted in October.  These races are a fantastic way of bringing along rowers from lower crews and it also gives crews the opportunity to socialise with the rest of the squad.  With such a large club it’s great to get all the rowers together in one spot for a couple of hours a week.



“I am a rower who came through the club junior system for 4 years and have been rowing in the men’s crews for another 3 years. I had a great experience as a junior, I entered with a few other friends and then made plenty more as the years went on.  In addition, the coaches are great and understanding.   My experience as a junior at the club, and experience of the sport in general, has been fun and immensely enjoyable.  As an adult rower, I am enjoying rowing just as much, there is great camaraderie in the crews I have rowed with. Thanks to the vast numbers at the club, there are also plenty of opportunities to row as other crews always need fill-ins. Overall the club is a great place to row regardless of experience or ability.”
Ryan – Men’s rower


At Caradon Gig Club, we pride ourselves on finding the balance between being a highly successful and competitive club whilst maintaining the perfect family, friendly atmosphere.

We currently have five women’s crews and four men’s crews of varying shapes, sizes and experience.  We welcome everyone into our club via our novice and junior factions.
Throughout the summer season we compete in regattas throughout the counties of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.



Quite often gig clubs offer locations for camping as well as entertainment after their events.  The club regularly stays at events such as Fowey where there are fireworks in the evening rounding off the town’s regatta week.
Once a year we row down the Tamar River to Mount Edgcumbe where we beach next to the Edgcumbe Arms play games on the green in front of the main house.  We are also due to hold our second annual quiz night which, as well as being incredibly entertaining, also helps raise money for the club.

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