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This year, along with ensuring our competitive crews have oars to continue rowing (at a little over £300 each) we’re also raising money for a new gig. We’ve sold the Essa, one of our racing gigs, and are looking for significant fund raising activities to purchase the new gig that is being built by DJ Currah.

The deposit for the new gig has been paid, we’ll show you the progress here as she’s built.

Golf day

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we're waiting to find out if we can get a new date for this event - more to come when known.

Starting in 2009, a couple of members thought that they could raise money for the club by running a golf day. It’s run every year since, in every weather. This year the event is running on 25 April 2020 at the China Fleet Country Club (PL12 6LJ).


Sponsoring each hole this year are:​​

  1. KCC builders Ltd

  2. MSC groundworks

  3. Crawford Porsche

  4. Dunchaul Ltd

  5. Efford Garage

  6. ADS Gas

  7. SHC Contruction

  8. Glenholt engineering

  9. West Country brick works Ltd

  10. Contour Brickworks Ltd

  11. GK Worden Ltd

  12. TEJ Heating Ltd

  13. Composite Integration Ltd

  14. Superbowl

  15. Tbc

  16. Tbc

  17. Tbc

  18. Wilf Dawes Tyres


What does the day involve?

It’s a team competition of 4 players, best 2 scores to count and there’s also individual competition (best overall round of golf). The first round starts at around 10.15am, and the last golfers finish between 5pm and 6pm, all those taking part get a round of golf and have lunch (ham, egg and chips).

There's also a putting competition, nearest the pin on holes 5, 12 and 15 and a raffle.


To take part or sponsor the event, contact us at

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