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Phased return to rowing in 2021

Following guidance from the Cornish Pilot Gig Association (CPGA) and British Rowing we have a phased return to rowing in 2021. Some of the dates below are provisional as we await confirmation from the Government on the relaxation of procedures in place nationally.

The phases are listed below and can be found in our Return to Rowing - Phased Return Caradon Gig Club document. 

Phase 1: 17 April 2021 

Return to rowing with adults back on the water.

Bubble training to commence, 1 x weekday session and 1 x weekend session.

Focus on club participation.

Membership confirmation and members only training.

Phase 2: 17 May 2021 - provisional

Junior rowing in organised bubbles to restart

Learn to row course advertised for non-members (4 week programme)

Squad bubbles to restart to support training for competition

Learn to row course starts with introductory sessions

Phase 3: 21 June 2021 - provisional

Return to competitive rowing to start.

Training bubbles and crews selected per regatta as in normal circumstances following CPGA guidelines and organised events.

Learn to row course finishes - development rowing bubbles introduced.

Junior rowing embedded with competition

Phase 4: October 2021 - provisional

Back to full competitive rowing with Winter Programme in place. 

Commencement of Winter Leagues 2021.

Preparation for Three Rivers event.

Preparation for competitive season 2022.

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