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Memberships for 2024

Membership is annual and runs from 1 March each year. Training takes place year round with training programmes for both on the water in a gig and in the gym. You’ll find details the members Facebook page and will be sent a regular newsletter via email.

The CPGA racing season runs from early March to early September. If you join us towards the end of the racing season, please bear in mind crew selection could have already taken place for the end of season championships so rowing opportunities will be limited to filling in existing crews.

As a member you’ll have access to our group Facebook – it’s a members only forum for club news, regatta invites, crew selection and more. You’ll only be accepted once you’re a member.

All gig club members are also associate members of Saltash Sailing Club (SSC) as we’re based with and use the sailing club facilities. Those attending the World Pilot Gig Championships contribute towards the costs of sending the gigs to the Isels of Scilly and you'll see the additional Scillies membership costs below.


Please be aware that only members are eligible to row. The current year’s membership types are listed below; for existing members you'll see the increase to the SSC element as agreed at the AGM in December 2023.

Please note: there's a difference in the age banding for CPGA U18 rowing based on school year so you'll see the 1 September cut-off for U18s, whereas for SSC it's based on 1 March so for U25s you'll see this date.

Essential reading

All members must read the following documents prior to submitting their membership application each year:

Please email for membership enquiries bearing in mind if you're not a already a competent gig rower you'll need to wait for a learn to row session to join, however competent gig rowers may need to join a waiting list.

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