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8 January 2022 - An Dhowrlann launched

We were proud to launch our new gig 'An Dhowrlann' today, built by Dave Currah (Looe) and Peter Williams (Fowey). She is a credit to the craftsmanship of both builders and looks stunning.

She was blessed by the Vicar of Saltash Baptist Church and officially launched by Mary MacDonald who, along with her late husband Bill, have been long time supporters of Caradon Gig Club and gig racing in general.

The name, An Dhowrlann is Cornish for 'The Waterside.' The area of Saltash that we row from is known as the 'waterside' and this was also a nod to Dave Currah who lived beside the water at Hannafore Point, Looe and Peter Williams, whose boatyard she was completed at is beside the water on the River Fowey.

She was rowed on her maiden outing by 5 members of Caradon gig club, along with Tom Currah (Dave's son) and coxed by Peter Williams.

Thank you to all those who attended the launch. We now can't wait to race her!

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